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For more than a decade, PT Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung Tbk (WIKA Gedung with the issuer code WEGE) consistently provides the best for every stakeholder in its role as Total Solution Contractor in the field of building construction and concession by promoting safety & quality in creating space for a better life.

WEGE has a great reputation as well as a good track record. This is shown by the Company's success in completing various large projects throughout Indonesia with an outstanding level of success, the Company's innovation in business development strategies and the ability to seize market opportunities through the development of upstream and downstream sectors, as well as the implementation of the Upstream and Downstream integration strategy.

The implementation of the Upstream and Downstream integration strategy aims to develop the Company's core business, namely construction of buildings up to the concession (integration) and strengthen the precast and modular building construction industry (Downstream integration). This step aims to prepare the Company in becoming an Integrated Space Provider in 2023.

Transformation Timeline

Established as a Building Construction Company

WEGE, as one of the seven subsidiaries of PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk (WIKA), has grown and developed and consistently served the government, BUMN / BUMD, loan and private markets in Indonesia. Established on October 24, 2008, WEGE started its business in the field of building construction with a reputation as a leading construction company in Indonesia.

Focusing on Profitability

In 2012, WEGE scored its first business milestone by focusing on profitability through the implementation of the Blue Ocean Strategy, cost efficiency, and increasing the capacity of human capital as a corporate asset.

Diversification of Property SBU

As an initiative step in developing innovation in construction services, WEGE expands into the property business in 2014. In line with the direction of shareholders to make a transformation, WEGE began to develop the property business towards concessions to support sustainable company growth and recurring income.

Becoming a Public Company

In line with its long-term plan in the building construction and investment business development sector, the Company undertook an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2017. 69.3% of WEGE shares are owned by PT Wijaya Karya Tbk (WIKA), 23.69% domestic, 6.31% foreign, and 0.7% WIKA employee cooperatives.

Integrated Space Provider

WEGE has achieved business milestones to reach the targets set in the RJP (Long Term Plan) and RKAP (Work Plan and Corporate Budget) to be able to adapt to changes in the business environment. WEGE carries out the company's vision and mission to achieve the company's target in becoming an Integrated Space Provider in 2023.

Corporate innovation in promoting growth and value creation continues to be applied. In addition, the company always maintains the best quality of the products and services provided and care for life. This is inseparable from good corporate governance and business ethics practices, as well as consistent efforts to maintain engagement with stakeholders. This is applied to all stakeholders, ranging from work partners, vendors, owners, to end users to jointly carry out a more environmentally friendly business chain process. WEGE continues to strengthen its capacity by increasing capabilities, synergies and total assets to support sustainable development growth for the Company in the future.