Whistle Blowing System

Whistleblowing System

The Company constantly expected to carry out its business activities based on the principles of Corporate Governance, as well as comply with the applicable rules and regulations.

The violation of Company’s regulations, business and work ethics is a case to be avoided by all employees. To create a conducive and responsibility working situation, the Company compiles and implement a Whistle Blowing System (WBS) in order to provide an opportunity for employees to submit a report on alleged violation of regulations and or provisions that apply in the Company.

The whistle blowing system is expected to be an early warning detect of the problem’s occurrence from a violation. The complaint of WBS’ mechanisms requires an attention and follow-up, including the imposition of appropriate punishments in order to assign a deterrent effect for the perpetrator of the violation.

The Submission Of Violation Report

The submission mechanism of a violation report refers to the complaints procedure of violation of the Code of Conduct number DOK.WIKA-BGPDSEKUM-PM-02 on May 19, 2014. All employees could submit a violation report through the formal letter mailed to the GCG’s Compliance Team at the Company’s head office address.

The Company clarified important matters in terms of reporting violations as follows:

  1. The informant provides information on the identity (name, home address or home/office phone number or without any given identity data (anonymous);
  2. The informant can provide information about the violation (theft, corruption, fraud, violation of law or regulation, bribery, conflict of interest and ethics), the person or party who reported or allegedly involved, the amount or value of losses, when and where the time of the occurrence, as well as a description of the occurrence, the chronological and the availability of evidence that supports the violations report in the form of documents, photographs, recordings, CCTV, SMS and others.

Protection for Whistleblower

The Company is obliged to provide a sense of security to the informant related to threat as well as to conceal and provide decent protection to the informant and or witness of violation or criminal acts in the Company.

Protection of the informant applies to the WBS’s management team, the party that is conducting the investigation, nor the parties who provide information related to the Complaint.

The handling of complaints

The mechanism of complaint management describes as follow:

  1. The task of GCG’s Compliance Team:
    1. Receiving complaints of violations, records under a standard format;
    2. Review or investigation of early indications for fourteen (14) working days against the disclosure or complaints and provide an executive summary;
    3. In collaboration with an external investigator conducting follow-up investigation if the substance of the complaint/disclosure related to the Board of Commissioners, Directors, Managers or the reputation of the Company and/or inflicting major losses and/or never followed up by SPI;
    4. Reporting the results of internal and external investigations to the President Director or the President Commissioner
  2. The President Director or the President Commissioner determined matters related to the GCG’s compliance Team investigation report include:
    1. Violation report is closed, if it is not proved;
    2. Impose appropriate sanctions according to applicable provisions, if proven to be associated with administrative action;
    3. Submit the violation report to authorized investigators, if proven to be associated with criminal acts or public corruption. In the case that the person in charge of the Company will coordinate with the legal department in order to ensure sufficient evidence.

Parties who Manages Complaint

The Company authorizes the GCG’s compliance Team to manage violation complaints. The compliance team of GCG is responsible directly to the President Director. The compliance team consists of the GCG’s investigation team (External Investigator) and the Internal Audit Unit Team.

WBS’ Case Report in 2017

During 2017, there was no violation cases report that arised in the Company.